Hi! My name is Kimiko Zeimet, otherwise known as “The Beachside Baker,” and welcome!

About Me


A few things about me:  I’m a wife of 5 years to my wonderful, hardworking husband, Tony, and a mom of 2 boys, Jordan (3) and Evan (almost 1).  I was born and raised in Manteca, CA, then a resident of Long Beach for the last 10 years. As of 1 month ago, I’m currently residing in Escondido, CA. I think it’s pretty safe to say I am (and will likely ALWAYS be) a California girl! I’m pretty much obsessed with all things food, so I use this outlet (along with a few other forms of social media) to share my food journey without driving my husband too crazy!


Aside from food blogging and parenting, my “real job” is being a registered nurse. Since we recently relocated our family, no active employment at the moment, but before this, I was working in a labor & delivery unit at a large county hospital.

About the blog:

About 9-ish years ago, after leaving my hometown (Manteca) and moving to Long Beach, CA, I wanted to start a blog as a way to keep in touch with family and friends and have somewhere where I could share my experiences. It was around this same time, I started subscribing to various food magazines and became kind of addicted to trying to cook my way through the issues. So why not join the two things together?

I knew I wanted to combine personal experiences with my love of food, so what was more fitting than a food blog? I struggled and struggled to come up with a name that was individualistic yet fitting, Well, since I had recently started my new life living by the beachside (I could literally see the ocean from my front door!), The Beachside Baker seemed perfect.  Alliterative yet true. So voila, The Beachside Baker was born.

I maintained my blog for several years, up until I was deep in the trenches of nursing school. Not only did the demands of care plans and clinicals keep me busy, but I was also distracted with planning a wedding! After that, life just continued to move on.  From marriage to kids to my career, The Beachside Baker became a memory, like a dusty book  in the basement that hadn’t been opened in years.

It wasn’t until recently that I started immersing myself in cooking again. Perhaps all this time cooped up at home has sparked the creative juices again. Or maybe its the idea of feeding my two boys healthy, home-cooked food that has motivated me. Whatever it is, it incited me to start documenting my food journey again. First, on Instagram, to get my feet wet, but after doing that for a while, I’ve decided why not bring The Beachside Baker back, once again? I may not live in Long Beach anymore, but I’d still like to think of myself as “The Beachside Baker.” And I miss blogging. I really do. And so, here we are. The Beachside Baker is back!